Practical Ethics for High Performance Managers Webinar

Wednesday, 19 July 2023

This is part of a two-part series for High Performance Managers.
Sport Integrity for High Performance Managers Webinar – Wednesday, 5 July 2023
Practical Ethics for High Performance Managers Webinar – Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Ethics can be thought of generally as ‘doing the right thing’ by others. In the context of sport, high performance managers can face ethical issues in their relationship with athletes, sport scientists and other support personnel, as well as with coaches and sport club/institute managers. ‘Doing the right thing’ can then mean upholding productive and healthy workplace relationships, as well as supporting the alignment of professional practice to legislation, professional codes of conduct, and organisational values and culture. 

To support this management and leadership role, this webinar will focus on the development of critical-reflective and ethical reasoning skills. In short, it will involve understanding and using an ethics ‘toolkit’ for practical decision making and problem solving. The ‘toolkit’ includes the following five ethical approaches and related principles:
• Rights (respect for autonomy, duty of care, beneficence, non-maleficence)
• Utilitarian (benefits and harms for all stakeholders; greatest good for greatest number)
• Justice/Fairness (merit, equality, inclusion, equity)
• Common Good (foundation conditions for good life or best practice)
• Virtue (valued and relevant character traits)
Practical cases will be used to exemplify each approach, and Q&A opportunities will be made available during and at the end of the session. Participants will be asked to complete a pre-webinar workbook (Practical Ethics for High Performance Managers), which will form the basis of discussion and revision during the webinar.

Presented by Dennis Hemphill