NDIS Fundamentals for Exercise Physiologists Virtual Workshop

On demand

As of 30 June 2021, there are 466,619 Australians accessing the NDIS. The main objective of the NDIS is to provide all Australians who, before the age of 65, acquire a permanent disability that substantially impacts how they manage everyday activities with the reasonable and necessary support they need to live a meaningful life.

Exercise Physiology is a relatively new service that is accessible by participants of the NDIS, with many either not understanding the role that EP’s play, or how their funding works. 

The purpose of this virtual workshop is to inform AEP’s and business owners about the role that Exercise Physiologists play within the disability sector. We will look at the NDIS as a system – where it came from and its challenges – the role of EP’s in the system, how to deliver excellent client experiences to NDIS Participants by understanding reporting and assessment requirements, and how to start building a caseload of NDIS participants by reaching out to the right professionals in your local community.