Introducing the International Confederation of Sport and Exercise Science Practice (ICSESP)

Nathan Reeves, Nick Draper, Kirstin N Lane, Francis Neric, Keith Tolfrey, Kade Davison

The science of sport and exercise for health and performance has advanced exponentially over recent decades due to its widespread recognition as a distinct scientific discipline and the breadth and depth of research within the field. As the discipline has developed, a number of subdisciplines have emerged, examining key aspects of physical performance measurement and improvement, as well as exploring the role of exercise in various contexts of health and disease. Importantly, this has translated to significant growth in the recognition of university-level qualifications in sport and exercise science and increasing vocational opportunities for graduates. Despite slight variations in roles and titles between jurisdictions, there are now well-established professional roles in the sports and exercise sciences in several countries around the world. These include Clinical Exercise Physiologists specialising in the use of exercise as medicine for preventing and treating injury and illness, and Sport Scientists who use the science of exercise and human movement to enhance athletic development and performance.