Bioenergetics, Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Management and Performance

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8 CECs

Bioenergetics is a branch of biochemistry that studies how our cells handle the energy we need to survive, perform and thrive. This first-of-its-kind course takes a look under the hood of our bodies’ metabolic functions, sharing the ways our food choices impact weight, performance, recovery and overall wellness, as well as how to develop enduring dietary habits that optimize health and well-being.

Course Outline/Table of Contents: 

Module One. Welcome to Bioenergetics, Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Management and Performance 

Module Two. Scope of Practice and Members of the Interprofessional Team 

Module Three. Human Energy 

Module Four. Bioenergetics 

Module Five. Energy Balance and Optimizing Macronutrient and Micronutrient Intake for Exercise, Weight management, and Performance 

Module Six. Optimal Food Timing and Fluid Balance 

Module Seven. Core Features of Common Diets and Supplements