2023 Summit – Expanding Your Reach

On demand

Expanding Your Reach: Effective Exercise Training for Older Adults


Presented by Aleen Dailey

Agility, balance, coordination, power and reaction time are all critical for older adults who want to maintain their independence, but the majority of exercise programming for this population doesn’t adequately address these areas. Fear and lack of confidence on the part of the client — and sometimes even the fitness professional — can get in the way of effective exercise.

Explore why you should shift your approach when working with older adults by looking at current research, and then how to practice progressions that will boost functional movement capacity. Walk away from this session feeling empowered and energized to improve the lives of the seniors you work with!

Course-takers will:

  • Learn and perform several exercise progressions for improving agility, balance, coordination, power and reaction time in the active aging population, from the frail to the apparently healthy;
  • Learn best practices for fitness components to highlight for older adults, as well as techniques to help them build enough self-efficacy to perform exercises at a level challenging enough to stimulate change;
  • Be introduced to strategies they can apply when working with mixed ability levels, such as in group fitness classes or small group training; and
  • Gain confidence in their ability to work safely and effectively with older adults.