The Client Education Playbook Webinar


From cardiac rehab and diabetes management, to increasing mobility and functional independence, evidence shows that health focused education sessions can play a valuable role in helping clients improve their quality of life. In fact, programs that include exercise along with an education component, as opposed to exercise alone, have been shown to be more effective in many settings. 

The ability to effectively educate clients is an important skill for exercise professionals to have, and the practice of incorporating education into programs is becoming more and more common. 

However, evidence shows that education delivered by health professionals can often be sub-optimal. Education delivered in ways that don’t match instructional design principles, or that are strong on research but weak on engagement, can miss the mark from the client’s perspective.

In this webinar you’ll learn practical strategies for designing and delivering education to clients in ways that work. 

Topics covered include how to: 
– Create a well-balanced session plan
– Use specific educational techniques to increase engagement and rapport with clients 
– Deliver education to clients in different settings (including in groups)

If you’re in the business of helping people get better at physical activity, then you’re an exercise educator. This webinar is designed to help you feel more comfortable in the education component of this role. Take your existing exercise knowledge and combine it with a client education playbook – full of evidence based educational strategies – to help nudge your clients towards better health, wellbeing and performance.  

Presented by Ned Jelbart, AES, AEP, BHumMov (ExSci); GradDipEd; GradCertPubHealth