The burden of load carriage in occupational performance: translating science into practice

Monday, 22 July 2024 12:30 - 13:30 BST

The BASES Occupational Performance Special Interest Group (OPSIG) aims to promote evidence-based practise amongst those undertaking research and/or scientific support with occupational groups in physically demanding job-roles. This includes but is not limited to military, security, fire, rescue and first responders. It draws on a number of specialist areas including: physiology, strength and conditioning, physical training, psychology, biomechanics, injury and rehabilitation. In this second webinar delivered through the OPSIG we will discuss the physiological demands and impact of carrying torso-borne load carriage on physical performance as part of occupational tasks. We will start the webinar by overviewing the various load carriage activities experienced in the UK by tactical occupations such as the police service, fire and rescue service, and military. The webinar will start by looking at the origins of load carriage through to current practice. We will focus specifically on torso-borne load carriage in military personnel and provide examples of practices (e.g. wearing of body armour, carrying of equipment in daysacks) along with their impact on the wearer. As part of this we will explore the range of masses that military personnel are required to carry on the torso and the impact this has on the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, the ability to undertake both physical and cognitive tasks as well as the potential injury risk. Lastly, we will highlight the knowledge gaps in this area and the future challenges facing such tactical occupations.