Sport Integrity for High Performance Managers Webinar

Wednesday, 5 July 2023 12:00pm - 1:30pm AEST

Sport Integrity for High Performance Managers Webinar

This is part of a two-part series for High Performance Managers.
Sport Integrity for High Performance Managers Webinar – Wednesday, 5 July 2023
Practical Ethics for High Performance Managers Webinar – Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Sport integrity is a broad concept that can refer to personal characteristics (e.g., honesty, accountability), contest fairness (e.g., level playing field), professionalism (e.g., scientific rigour and evidence, interprofessional collaboration), as well as to the management of specific sport governance issues and problems (e.g., doping, illicit drugs, match manipulation, discrimination). At the same time, sport integrity is often interpreted and applied as a concept requiring procedures to ensure compliance with legislation and professional codes of conduct.

The aim of this webinar is to flesh out the notion of integrity in the context of high-performance sport management. This will involve examining four concepts of sport integrity (personal, contest, practice and organisational) and exploring their practical use and value for decision making and problem solving.

Practical cases and examples will be used throughout, and Q&A opportunities will be made available during and at the end of the session. Participants will be asked to complete a pre-webinar workbook (Sport Integrity for High Performance Managers), which will form the basis of discussion and revision during the webinar.

Presented by Dennis Hemphill