Isometric Resistance Training for Hypertension Virtual


Isometric resistance training (IRT) produces significant blood pressure reductions in people with hypertension, but IRT is under-utilized as an anti-hypertensive therapy. Recent changes to US and ESSA guidelines for managing hypertension recommend IRT as an effective adjunct therapy. 

This virtual workshop will provide the evidence for IRT use in people with hypertension. The program will show how to assess clients and implement a safe and effective IRT exercise program. A significant proportion of the day will be devoted to a practical session where attendees will perform a client assessment, learn how to prescribe an IRT program and also how to monitor cardiac responses while clients perform IRT.

This professional development will add ‘another string to the bow’ for accredited exercise physiologists to manage hypertension.

Presented by Prof Neil Smart, FESSA, AEP, AES, PhD