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March - April, 2023

ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal┬«: March – April 2023 | Back to Basics: A Critical Review of the Methodology Commonly Used to Estimate Cardiorespiratory Fitness


By Meir Magal, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-CEP; Barry A. Franklin, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-EP, ACSM-PD; Gregory B. Dwyer, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-CEP, ACSM-PD, FACSM; and Deborah Riebe, PhD, FACSM, ACSM-EP

Evaluating CRF is critical in developing safe and effective exercise prescriptions. Although the direct measurement of expired ventilatory gases via open circuit spirometry is the gold standard for assessing CRF, submaximal exercise testing and field tests that utilize HR measures can serve as a reasonable alternative to estimate aerobic capacity. The exercise professional should be familiar with the caveats associated with HR measurements and the prediction of? V ?O2max to ensure optimal accuracy.