HFJ January – February 2023 | Best Practices for Fitness

January – February 2023

ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®: January – February 2023 | Best Practices for Fitness Center Safety and Equipment Maintenance


By Patrick Freeman, B.S., CSCS, NCSF-CPT 

As COVID-19 fades into the rearview mirror, increasing usage and membership in all fitness center realms has become clearly more apparent. With that top of mind, propensity for mishaps and injuries can increase as a result. With the new year upon us, there will be a greater proportion of members who are new to typical fitness center or gym-oriented environments. The role of fitness and wellness professionals should be to mitigate risk and ensure thorough understanding of facility policies and regulations. Learn more in this important Business Edge column covering best practices for fitness center safety and equipment maintenance.