Exercise and the Immune System Webinar


Exercise is a stress, and as a result, it is both influenced and is an influencer of the immune system. It has direct effects on immune function and immune markers, and indirectly effects healthy immune function through the regulation of hormones, blood glucose levels, thermoregulation, sleep quality, nutrient metabolism and many other systems within the body. Engaging in exercise training has immediate, short term and long-term positive effects on the function of the immune system.

This session will support the exercise professional in understanding:
The foundations of the immune system in normal functionThe impact of exercise on that system, and the outcomes associated with varying levels of exerciseThe impact of other environmental factors that are relevant to understanding exercise’s role in overall healthHow the wrong exercise can cause the immune system to be compromised and exacerbate immune system dysfunctionHow biological variation will mean that different interventions will be needed to support optimal immune function for different individuals

Presented by Dr Cam McDonald, BSc (Hlth+Ex), MSc(Nut+Diet), AEP, APD, PhD (Phil)