Cuing Pilates Exercises with Equipment

Sydney / Online
Sydney: 4 November 2023; Virtual: 11 November

In this workshop you will learn how to cue Pilates exercises with the use of minimal equipment (rings and small hand weights) and provide exercise prescription relevant to each client’s case. In addition to this, you will further your knowledge of the 34 Exercises, which can be used in individual sessions but also group-based exercises. This is a practical course where you will learn correct instructions and appropriate internal and external cues.

Pre-requisite: It is recommended that you have attended ESSA’s Cuing Floor Based Pilates Exercises Workshop before attending this workshop. If you have not already attended this course, you can enrol in the online activity here.

Presented by Miss Angeliki Stivactas, BClinExPhys, AEP

Sydney Workshop

Virtual Workshop