I am a Health Sciences master’s degree student in Bioethics from the University of Otago. I am very interested in clinical ethics and in particular in the availability of clinical ethics support services (not to be confused with research ethics) within the New Zealand Healthcare system. Amongst other things, the arrival of COVID-19 has certainly brought  ethical and moral dilemmas in the healthcare setting into view for both healthcare professionals and even the general public. Clinical ethics support services can help healthcare staff in navigating these difficult and often stressful situations. In Aotearoa, New Zealand clinical ethics support services are often still (but not always) in the start-up stages. As part of my master’s degree in Bioethics I have developed a survey to look into what type of clinical ethics support services are currently available within the different healthcare settings.

This study has been approved by both the Bioethics Centre and the Ngāi Tahu Research Consultation Committee of the University of Otago.

Further information about the survey and the actual survey can be accessed by clicking the following link: Clinical Ethics Survey 2021  

Mascha Moerenburg |BSc, PGDip HSc
Candidate Master Degree in Health Sciences | Bioethics