Child and Youth Mental Health Webinar


For children and adolescents, mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability. Globally, one in seven 10–19-year-olds experience a mental disorder, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group. When it comes to exercise, it is well known and established that regular movement is a protective factor in prevention and management of mental health disorders in adults, as well as playing a role in managing physical health. Whilst there are similarities, it is important to understand the unique role of exercise for children and youth and how as a professional we need to adapt our approach and understanding to ensure we are creating best outcomes for young people and their families. This webinar focuses on the important role of exercise physiology in mental health treatment and recovery and will explore different therapeutic approaches and relevant assessments when engaging these young people in exercise interventions. 

Presented by Jade Ellings, AES, AEP