Body Composition, Diet and Performance in AFL Webinar


Body composition targets are common goals that inform training and nutrition plans for team sport athletes including AFL players. Even in the absence of formal goals, players may strive for ideals that they associate with success. Body composition is influenced by modifiable factors including training and nutrition. Recent research with male AFL players found that they alter their nutrition leading up to and surrounding body composition assessment. 

In this webinar, A/Prof Adrienne Forsyth and Dr Sarah Jenner will present the results of qualitative research exploring the influence of body composition goals on AFL players’ nutrition practices, summarise the literature linking body composition and performance, and provide strategies for promoting a performance nutrition culture in team sport environments. Participants will also gain insights into conducting research in professional sporting environments and successful implementation of an embedded PhD.

Findings and strategies presented may be applied across practice settings including work with individual athletes and in chronic disease management.

Presented by Associate Professor Adrienne Forsyth and Dr Sarah Jenner