BASES Webinar – Training load in combat sports


Adjusting training workload and assessing its effects are essential to achieve positive physiological adaptations and enhanced performance. Excessive workloads may produce adverse effects and a greater propensity to injury, overreaching, or overtraining, whereas insufficient workloads will not result in physiological adaptations. In this webinar we will explain deeply one of the methods to monitor internal workload was proposed by Foster et al, using the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) of the session associated with training time. We will focus on practical aspects in combat sports and how to apply this methodology easily.

Learning Outcomes of the Webinar:

1. Introduce the RPE method to calculate the internal training load.

2. Use and interpretation of other values like monotony index, fatigue index or acute-chronic workload ratio.

3. How to create an excel to calculate training load in combat sports.

4. Collecting, cleaning, analysing, interpreting, and disseminating load data.