BASES Webinar – Building strong foundations in youth through resistance training: time to focus on the forgotten guidelines?


Resistance training is predominantly viewed as an activity for youth who are involved in sport. In a growing area of research and applied practice, countless benefits of resistance training are emphasised and the mythology is constantly challenged.

Substantial supporting research regarding the health benefits alongside the UK physical activity guidelines recommending muscle and bone strengthening activities, suggests that resistance training is an activity that is key for health and not just sporting performance. 

As a mode of physical activity for youth, resistance training is not as commonly focused on in the research in comparison to MVPA. In particular, for children who are inactive or at risk of overweight/obesity, resistance training has been found to be an appealing activity and has been reported to be less challenging than MVPA for various reasons. However, there is the suggestion that resistance training could in fact be an intervention strategy to increase levels of MVPA.

This webinar will focus on the research and practical application surrounding resistance training for the health of youth, specifically for those who are inactive and/or at risk of overweight/obesity. The webinar will identify the relevant evidence, as well as include examples of good practice. The aim of the webinar is to promote the importance of resistance training as a mode of physical activity for youth, and to facilitate discussion around how strategies could be implemented to increase awareness for all and consequently increase prevalence of participation.