An Introduction to R and Analytics for Performance Sport Virtual Workshop

Wednesday, 26 July 2023 4:00pm - 7:00pm AEST

There has been a rapid rise in technology and data availability in sport, with more data available to us than ever before. For example, we can use wearable sensors to capture skilled athletic movements, automatically track players during team-sport matches via cameras and monitor the countermovement jump of athletes, all from our smartphones. Given this rise in technology and analytics, there is now a need to upskill performance sport staff, to work with and handle different types of sports data. Being able to work with these different data types is now an important skill of the sport scientist.

This virtual workshop will highlight the different data types which sport scientists may need to work with.  It will provide an introduction to the R environment, a useful program for sport scientists to wrangle, analyse and visualise performance data. This virtual workshop will help sport scientists get started in R, including how to import, analyse and visualise some common sports data types.  This will be an interactive environment, whereby attendees can complete the exercises live on their own machines and learn how to write code to analyse and visualise sports performance data in R!

Presented by Dr Alice Sweeting