2023 Summit – Stop the Stigma!

On demand

Stop the Stigma! Person-centered, weight inclusive approaches to start using with your clients now


Presented by Amy Allnutt

This session will focus on the epidemic of weight stigma and the importance of using weight-inclusive practices to treat clients living with obesity. As obesity rates rise, it has become evident that traditional, weight-centric models are proving ineffective and that a shift to more person-centered approaches is imperative for helping individuals manage their health indices.

In addition to understanding weight-inclusive practices, participants will learn about anti-fat attitudes and recognize the implications that weight stigma has on the overall health of individuals struggling with their weight.

This course will also:

  • Explain the terms “weight bias,” “weight stigma” and “weight inclusiveness”;
  • Describe the implications of weight stigma on the mental and physical health of individuals struggling with weight;
  • Discuss the challenges of shifting from a weight centric model to a person-centered model; and
  • Decipher what research says about the weight-loss interventions and health.