2023 Summit – Pro tips for engaging people

On demand

ro tips for engaging people with cognitive impairment in evidence-based exercise: a master class


Presented by Jeff Schlicht; Maria Fiatarone Singh; Michael Inskip

Cognitive impairment affects people of all ages, from children with Down syndrome to older adults with dementia, and maximizing engagement with exercise can be challenging due to difficulties with comprehension and attention.

Our team, with over 75 years of experience working with people with Down and dementia, shares practical tips for eliciting maximal and safe participation during group- and 1-on-1 exercise training.

Course-takers will learn engagement and cueing strategies, leaving the class confident they can be effective trainers for people with cognitive impairment. The workshop also includes a presentation describing the importance of progressive resistance training for the prevention and treatment of dementia.

Course-takers will:

  • Increase self-efficacy for working with people with cognitive impairment (via performance mastery and vicarious experience);
  • Execute proper visual, auditory and somatosensory cueing techniques to elicit maximal effort;
  • Learn attention-centering techniques to increase clients’ time on task; and
  • Understand the rationale for prescribing progressive resistance training to people with cognitive impairment and key modifications to programming in those with moderate to severe dementia.